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A new place. A new face.

Our Co. Founder Michael Meyer in the Permanent Pantry Days
Hi, We're Bryopin


We’re the single largest dedicated sous vide foods manufacturer in Australia. Founded by identical twin brothers, Nicholas and Michael Meyer, in 1988, we pioneered traditional sous vide meat cooking in this country. We remain a family owned and operated business, employing over 100 staff.

Bespoke Solutions


At Bryopin, we offer end-to-end food solution for our clients. We take care of everything from the generation of new ideas, through to production, design & delivery. Along this journey, our clients are supported by our Customer Service, Sales, Operations and Planning teams for the ultimate peace of mind.

Sous Vide USA Pork Ribs with added marinade
Sous Vide Seared Sliced Beef
Sous Vide Perfection


Our broad range of sous vide foods offer limitless versatility for professional chefs and food service managers. Make use of our fully prepared dishes or create your own inspired recipes. The possibilities are endless.

Mass Appeal


Bryopin supplies a broad range of market segments in Food Service such as QSR, Distributors, Caterers, Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants. We contract cook and do further manufacturing for Retail. We are also a major supplier of cooked meats to the Institutional market.

Sous Vide Lamb Shanks in Red Wine and Rosemary Sauce

Every carvery we have used has been very well received by our clients – often receiving phone calls just to say “how nice the meat was”. 

Kerryn Williams

Meals on Wheels Armidale

[We] find that it helps reduce our food costs while offering consistent results. Our residents like the tenderness of the product and it has helped contain staff costs in our production kitchens.
Ken Howatson

National Hotel Services Manager
St Vincent’s Care Services

Beautiful & tender. Is easy to use & is cost effective when looking at how much time it can save within the kitchen.

Paul Roszkiewicz

Head Chef
Meals on Wheels Bathurst