321FZ Sous Vide Pure USA Pork Ribs with added marinade
The crème de la crème. Premium bone-in Australian meat, slow cooked for 24 hours until fall-of-the-bone tender. Serve up that slow cooked wow factor to your diners while saving hours in your kitchen. Just heat, serve and claim all the glory!
161FZ Sous Vide Pure Beef Short Rib
Pure Beef Short Rib

Like "an eye fillet on the bone" our grain-fed short ribs are to die for. 350g x 6 per pack, slow cooked pure, no additives - create your own sauce.

107 Sous Vide Large Pure Beef Short Ribs
Large Pure Beef Short Ribs

Slow cooked pure, fall off the bone tender, there's more to love with the 700g cuts of our famous short ribs. Add your sauce and make it your own.

551FZ Smoky BBQ Short Ribs
Smoky BBQ Short Ribs

If you thought our short ribs couldn't get any better you'd be wrong. Slow cooked in our signature BBQ sauce, experience flavour to the bone.