Our range of premium Australian pulled meats are seriously versatile. Use them in burgers, tacos, quesadillas, loaded fries - even on gourmet pizzas! Exceptionally juicy, tasty & easy to reheat - you can’t go wrong with this these extraordinary time savers.
Pure Pulled Pork

100% pure high quality juicy pulled pork shoulder. Just sous vide, pulled and frozen - great for burgers, pizzas, wraps, rolls, etc - just add sauce & go.

Code 353FZ
Smoky BBQ Pulled Pork 

Smoky, sweet, tangy and very juicy this little piggy is next level delicious! If speed it key and you need it all done for you this is the one.

Code 363FZ
Pulled Chicken Breast

100% pure, lean, healthy & versatile. Season or mix with sauces, herbs or spices. Add to salads, rolls, wraps, or your mouth straight from the bag.

Code 553