Healthy, tasty favourites with many advantages. Cut and blanched to minimise labour costs. Skinless to hold their shape and visual appeal from kitchen to plate. Pasteurised for a long shelf life. Rice flour to avoid gluten. Overall a cost effective win-win for you and the diners you serve.
Grilled Sausages

These traditionally flame grilled blanched sausages have the look, feel and flavour of a barbecue sausage. Oven, grill, BBQ or pan fry & devour. 

Sliced Sausages (1cm)

Affordable, convenient and super tasty - these 1cm slices of our thick sausages create a cost effective menu solution for your wet dish creations.

Rosemary & Mint Lamb

Mildly flavoured with rosemary & mint our thick 100g skinless gourmet lamb sausages are super juicy, super affordable and ultra-convenient.

Thick Sausages

A thick juicy 70g sausage. Ready to BBQ, grill, pan fry or even oven bake in your favourite sauce. Also makes for delicious bangers & mash!

Sausage Chipolatas

Great tasty option for breakfast or smaller portioned meals these 35g chipolatas are as wide as our thick sausages but shorter & bite sized.  

Spanish Lime Pork

With just a touch of Spanish lime these thick home-style 100g pork sausages are extra juicy and flavoursome. Affordable yet gourmet and very tasty.

Thin Sausages

Our juicy and delicious thinner, longer 50g sausages offer a smaller portion size and a more convenient shape for rolls and hot dog buns.

Herb & Garlic

A thick 100g skinless gourmet sausage. Lightly flavoured with herb and garlic - a big juicy taste that's light on the pocket and very convenient.

Thick Pork Sausages

Our thick and juicy 70g skinless pork sausages are flavoursome, convenient and very cost-effective for any busy professional kitchen.

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